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TileMan.io is classic multiplayer strategy game with some unique features.

You begin in game with small territory. Your main goal is to make it bigger. If you go out of your territory you begin to leave snake-like body behind you. If anyone including you hit your player while you are outside you will die. Return to your territory to make it bigger.


Movement - WASD, arrows or numpad
Stop - E, P or num 5
Communication signals - Space, Z or X
Alternative fullscreen - F
Exit game - Esc

Touch controls

Movement - move with finger up, down, left or right
Stop - tap

Game modes

Size Speed Territories on minimap Capture areas with players
Classic Large 1x All No
Extreme speed Medium 4x All 1
No kills Large 1x Only your 1
Rats Small 1x Only your Unlimited
Arena Tiny 1x - 1

Hot to fix lag

Low FPS or high latency are unwanted things in game.
FPS is number of pictures drawn per second. Latency is how long it takes to send information to server and then from server back. Good FPS is 50+. Good latency is 100-.

Things you can do to increase FPS:

Things you can do to get lower latency:

How to access game if it is blocked/not working

Private mode

Try to play game in private/incognito window.


You can just search for VPN extensions (Chrome or Firefox).

Enable VPN only for site loading! Otherwise you would have increased latency in game.
Only if you can load site but you can't connect to game, try to leave VPN enabled.

Warning: Extensions can be dangerous. Disable VPN when you don't need it.

Alternative domains

In case that our game is intentionally blocked, you can try alternative domains.
Note that these domains can potentially stop to work in future.


Try both http://... and https://... This can help if you can load site but can't play.
I have personally bad experience with https but maybe it is fine.

HTTPS site is cached

If you successfully visit HTTPS tileman site, site is cached in your browser. You can access it again without internet (but not play). This is useful for future if site will be blocked.