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TileMan.io is multiplayer game based on Splix, but it doesn't have many annoying bugs that Splix has.

You begin in game with small territory. Your main goal is to make it bigger. If you go out of your territory you begin to leave snake-like body behind you. If anyone including you hit your player while you are outside you will die. Return to your territory to make it bigger.


Movement - WASD, arrows or numpad
Stop - E, P or num 5
Alternative fullscreen - F
Exit game - Esc

Touch controls

Movement - move with finger up, down, left or right
Stop - tap
Exit game - long press

Hot to fix lag

Low FPS or high latency are unwanted things in game.
FPS is number of pictures drawn per second. Latency is how long it takes to send information to server and then from server back. Good FPS is 50+. Good latency is 100-.

Things you can do to increase FPS:

Things you can do to get lower latency: