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Differences compared to splix.io

TileMan.io is game based on splix.io, but it doesn't have many annoying bugs that splix.io has.
Also some game mechanics are changed and I want make many new game modes.

tileman.io splix.io
Lag issues Less Often
Players spawn in your territory Never Often
Players spawn on/very near your tail Never Often
Sometimes not all blocks are captured
(inside of territory is uncaptured area)
No Yes
Working global leaerboard Yes No
Wall glitch No Yes
Your trail in your territory bug No Yes
Blocks captured when shouldn't (caused by lag) No Yes
Removing your tail glitch No Yes
Can cause explosion of your computer Yes Unknown

Other differences

You can capture territories with other players inside

You can change your direction to opposite without pausing

You can't kill paused player in his territory.
You must first capture block where he is (you can go through him). Maybe I will change it.